6boost offers an unlimited km, limited lifetime warranty on all its turbo manifolds against manufacturing defects and failures to the original purchaser of the manifold with proof of purchase. Heat wrapping or modification of the manifold by the purchaser also immediately voids your warranty due to the high likelihood of potential failure from these.

To further explain the wording of this warranty, please see the specific definitions below.

“Limited Lifetime”
Limited lifetime refers to all warranty terms will be provided to the original purchaser only. This is to stop abuse of the warranty provided through future users with little to no financial investment in the product, IE buying or being given a manifold with any potential fitment or failure type issue (due to say poor tuning) and contacting 6boost for a replacement for something they never paid anything (or very little) for. Also, without being able to provide any previous installation photos or combination feedback we will be unable to try and ascertain why a potential failure may have occurred.

“Against manufacturing defects and failures”
This excludes all failures that have been caused due to misuse, abuse, and modification in any way from the way in which it was received when new. (Welding on of wastegate flanges does not constitute modification).

“Misuse and abuse”
The most common cause of failure we see from manifolds is destruction from poor tuning, namely excessive EGT’s. This is usually caused by low ignition timing numbers either from turbo converted stock NA engines or running very high boost levels on pump petrol (read not E85). Please see our misuse and abuse page here.